St. Louis Bubble Van and Rydables

Our Bubbles

The bubble solution we use for our Bubble Van Parties is non-toxic and meets all current toy safety standards, so you can rest assured that they are safe.  All ages will enjoy the bubbles made from this bubble solution!

Our bubbles work in any weather conditions except high winds - and even then you'll be entranced by many small bubbles. We can create bubbles for you even during freezing conditions!

Bubble parties are inherently interactive.  Bubbles can be used to expand on physics, chemistry, math, and art.  We can teach attendees how to make big bubbles! Entertain your friends, family, clients and/or co-workers with parties using our Bubble Van.

Bubble Van parties can help you celebrate important events in your family's life, but are also good for bonding fun at corporate events. Bubbles have that magical ability to create giggles and laughter, but can also inspire you during more difficult times.  Consider our Bubble Van with many optional add-ons to make the special times in your life more memorable. (Some optional add-ons include fog machines, snow machines, black light bubbles, Rydables, inflatables, interactive games, tattoos, and entertainers - the list goes on and on.)  Contact us today to learn everything we offer!

Little Girl at Bubble Van Party in St. Louis MO